Steelite Aurora Vesuvius Bowl Rose Quartz 3 Sizes


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Aurora uses reactive glazes in combination to achieve stunning colour and contrast effects.

An artisan approach is used in decorating each piece of Aurora by hand. This accentuates the individuality and craftsmanship required in its creation and gives each piece its personality. Two reactive glazes are used on each item, either to create contrast, or to achieve a more sophisticated tonal look. In either case, the effect is one of richness and vibrancy, enhancing the creativity associated with many cuisine types.

All items in the Aurora collection are designed to be backwards compatible with other current Steelite ranges such as the jewel-like Vesuvius, the earthy Revolution and the understatedly stylish, Brown and Blue Dapple ranges.

Aurora combines the strength and durability of the world renowned Steelite Performance body with unique and authentic reactive glazes to create a product to delight both Chef and diner.

Aurora Brouchure 2021 Steelite

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