Steelite Revolution Rectangle One 27 X 16.75cm 2 Colours

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The Revolution range is a celebration of the art of artisan glazing. Using reactive glazes that change in colour and intensity depending on their application, the Revolution glazes are specially formulated to enhance all the nuances experienced in their execution. Applied by hand using a revolving motion, the path the brush travels across each piece is evident in the fired result. The glazed surface of each piece in the range is as different and unique as the artisan that created it. This provides an ideal platform for Chef to showcase their art, no matter what the cuisine style. The contrasting yet neutral colour tones; Sandstone and Granite, blend beautifully together and amplify the quality and skill that goes into Chef’s creation.

Rectangle One

27 cm (10 5/8")

SKU 17750550 & 17760550
Pattern Granite & Sandstone
Material Alumina Vitrified
Size 27 cm (10 5/8")
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