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Clear straight cocktail drinking straw 135mm x 5mm. Suitable for tumblers, short glasses and cocktails generally in the licenced market. Carbonated drinks, water, fruit juice and other similar products.

  • 5000 per carton
  • Standard size - 135MM
  • Colour - Clear
  • Helps reduce the impact of plastic waste on our environment.
  • Same characteristics and strength of a normal drinking straw.
  • After it’s useful life the oxo-biodegradable additive takes effect and the product begins to break down in the presence of oxygen.
  • The product eventually becomes carbon dioxide, water and biomass without leaving fragments in the environment.

The Eco-Straw is made with an oxo-biodegradable additive “Reverte” at the manufacturing stage which turns ordinary plastic into a material with a different molecular structure. After a period of useful life, the Eco-Straw will breakdown in the presence of oxygen. At the end of that process it is no longer a plastic, and has become a material which will disappear in the open environment, the same way as a leaf.
Eco-Straw will give you the same experience as a normal drinking straw with all liquids including high acid juices, but the added eco advantage of having an approximate lifespan of 18 months after its useful life instead of 30+ years, like a normal straw

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