Colour Lids for CamSquare Polypropylene Food Container - 3 Sizes


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The Cambro cover fits on CamSquare® storage containers. With its snap-tight fit, it creates a seal that helps protect products from contaminants and maintain freshness. Even though it secures tightly to containers, the lid has a thumb tab that makes it easier to remove.

  • Green Lid to Suit 1.9lt & 3.8lt Storage Container
  • Red Lid to Suit 5.7lt & 7.6lt Storage Container
  • Blue Lid to Suit 11.4lt, 17.2lt & 20.6lt Storage Container

Product Details

  • Snap-tight fit keeps contaminants out and maintains product freshness
  • Thumb tab makes it easy to remove the lid from a container
  • Colour lid can be used in color-coded applications
  • Polyethylene material is durable and can withstand heavy commercial use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • NSF certified

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