Robot Coupe Automatic Sieves RC-200


Robot Coupe

New product


TRAY - Continious feeding of washed products, no need to stone or peel.
PERFORATED BASKET - Products fall inside the basket where they are sieved.

END PRODUCT EJECTION CHUTE - The ready to use pulp is ejected here and is free of pips, stones, skin, fibres and bones.
WASTE EJECTION CHUTE I.E - skins, pips, stones, tails, bones, shells, fibres…

PADDLES - Paddle assembly rotating at 1500 rpm to extract maximum pulp and juice.

  • Power    1800 Watts
  • Voltage    Single phase 230V / 400V
  • Speed    1500 rpm
  • Intensity    230 V-7.5Amp / 400 V-4.3Amp
  • Delivered with    Perforated basket 1mm and 3mm

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