Imperia R220 Manual Pasta Machine



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Imperia R220 Manual Pasta Dough Roller

The most popular pasta maker among home chefs and connoisseurs around the world. Made of chromium plated steel with tempered steel gears, self-lubricating bushings, and dough rollers with 10 adjustable settings up to 5mm.

The industry standard for over 50 years! If a restaurant makes fresh pasta for their menu there is a very high chance it was made using the IMPERIA RMN 220. Completely made in Italy, the body is made of chrome plated steel to ensure a long life span and facilitate easy cleaning. The dough rollers are infinitely adjustable between 0mm and 5mm to get the right thickness of pasta you desire. In addition to making sheets of pasta for lasanga and raviolis, the RMN 220 can also be fitted optional cutting cassettes to make pasta like spaghetti, tagliatelle, fettuccine and pappardelle! Tempered steel roller gears and self-lubricating bushing help keep the machine in service for years to come. Not only is the IMPERIA RMN 220 a great machine to make fresh pasta in a restaurant setting, but it also works very well for enthusiastic home chefs.

WEIGHT (LBS):   26


  • Roller Width:   220mm (8.6 inches)
  • Roller Opening Max:   5mm
  • Production:   10lbs Per/HR


  • Imperia Pasta Dough Roller
  • Large Handle
  • Feeding Tray
  • Users Manual


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