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You don’t have to be a wizard to conjure up a little magic…you just need Magimix.

A truly multifunctional machine, Magimix’s Cook Expert really lives up to its illustrious name, thanks to its ability to cook enough dishes to fill its own recipe book… Not only can this impressive machine whisk, steam, blend puree, mix and make dough, but it can also be converted into a food processor to allow you to slice, grate, mince, chop and more (phew!).

Twelve automatic functions – including pre-sets for soups, simmering, steaming, smoothies, dough, frozen dessert, egg whites and more – will also help you create meals effortlessly. Meanwhile, the Expert mode allows you to get creative by manually controlling all of the Cook Expert’s aspects, including time, revolutions and temperature.

You’ll be blown away by what the Cook Expert can do. Its induction heating system gives you complete temperature accuracy, one degree at a time, between 30°C and 140°C, and there’s even a rinse cycle on board to help you clean up in a flash!

Show the world what you can do, with the Magimix Cook Expert.

Cook Expert features:

  • Designed in France.
  • Matte chromed exterior.
  • 900 watt heating element.
  • 1700 watt motor with 18 speed settings.
  • Induction heat source, with temperature range of 30°C to 140°C.
  • 3.5 litre Thermo bowl, double-walled for heat retention.
  • Three food processing bowls, all BPA free. Includes 3.6 litre main bowl with blade, a 2.6 litre midi bowl and a 1.2 litre mini bowl with blade.
  • Glass lid for a full 360° view.
  • Digital intuitive full colour interface.2mm and 4mm slicing blades included.
  • Twelve automatic programmes, including cook (creamed soup, pureed soup, steam, simmering), baking (pastry/cake, bread/brioche, egg whites/whipped cream), blender (smoothie, frozen dessert, crushed ice), food processing, and auto rinse.
  • Can be converted into a food processor in order to slice, grate, chop and more.
  • Manual programme, known as Expert, allows you to control all features of the Cook Expert: Time, Revolutions and Temperature.
  • Energy efficient machine can keep contents warm for two hours.
  • Includes external weigh scales (with maximum weight of 10kg).
  • Includes a recipe book with over 300 recipes – plus hundreds more on the Magimix Cook Expert app on the App Store or Google Play.
  • Rinse cycle allows the Cook Expert to clean itself.


  • 3.5 Litre Induction Bowl with Glass Lid.
  • 3 Food Processing Bowls.
  • 2 Level Steamer Basket.
  • Whisk.
  • 2mm/4mm Slicing and Grating Discs.
  • Universal Blade.
  • Food Processing Master Blade.
  • Set of two Spatulas.
  • Weigh Scales.

Finish: Matte Chrome.
Dimensions: 37cm x 33.5cm x 39cm.

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