Electrolux Eyebrow Hood - To suit 6/10 Tray Combi Oven



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Main Features

  • Thanks to a direct software connection to the oven, the hood automatically activates fan power and
    odor absorption based on real oven activity.

  • The frontal ventilation is activated when the door of the oven is opened.

  • Filtering surface protects against fire hazard.

  • Easilycleanableinadishwasherthankstothe

    smooth surfaces.

  • Noneedforanexternalexhaustpipe,thus eliminating carpentry costs.

  • Can be used with the AOS 10 1/1E and AOS 6 1/1E
    (for AOS 61/1E consider the accessories 922195,
    922196 and 922197 if the installation is not on table).

  • System guarantees correct suction as well as high energy saving.

  • Certified to reduce 99% of surrounding odors.

  • Selector on front panel optimize energy and water

    consumption according to the cooking cycle.

  • The easy to remove labyrinth filter provides access to the descaling pipe.

  • The cable connection between the hood and the oven make possible the communication between them.

  • The hood and the oven are synchronized: the hood switches On/Off when the oven starts/stops; when the door is opened the frontal ventilation activates automatically;based on real oven activity the hood automatically activates Hi/Low fan power an odor absorption. 

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