Electrolux 700XP Gas Fry Top Griddle with smooth mild steel plate - 400mm wide



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The Electrolux Professional 700XP Gas Fry Top is designed to deliver high quality performance every use. A unique burner design, coupled with a 400mm wide, mild steel smooth plate, and removable splashback, ensures maximum heat efficiency. The choice of a chromium plated surface prevents the absorption of cooking juices, while the sleek, round-edged construction guarantees easy cleaning.

  • 15mm Thick smooth Mild-Steel Plate 
  • Ergonomic operator control knobs designed to minimise liquid infiltration 
  • Pressed one piece worktop in 1.5mm stainless steel with smooth rounded corners makes cleaning easy 
  • Hi - Low temperature control valve 
  • Special burner design ensures maximum heat efficiencies 
  • Dimensions of 400mm x 730mm x 250mm 
  • Rated at 25.2 MJ Gas

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