Woodson Starline Supertoast - 8 Slice (15amp)


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The Woodson Supertoast is essential to get that perfect toast on all your open snacks.The Supertoast is an efficient, dependable, and cost effective unit that completes any commercial kitchen. 
With a 5 minute timer and an exceptional even heat distribution on both top and bottom chrome-plated toasting racks, costly and lengthy heat up times have been eliminated, while making multi-tasking easy. 15 Amp model

  • Hard working 8 slice multi-function toaster griller 
  • Energy efficient 'instant' heat glass infrared elements 
  • Available in 10/15 Amp models 
  • Fast and exceptionally even grilling and toasting 
  • Variable top and bottom independent temperature controls 
  • 5 minute timer with bypass switch for continuous operation 
  • Multiple position slides and rack for safer loading 
  • Easy to clean removable crumb tray 
  • Stainless steel construction 
  • 105mm internal height opening 
  • Dimensions of 595 x 300 x 342 
  • Electrical rating of 3.6kW - 15A

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