Robot Coupe MicroMix Stick Blender 220w


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Emulsify in seconds using the powerful and compact Robot Coupe Micromix stick blender. With its patented Aeromix tool, you can produce instant light and airy emulsions which hold their shape - perfect for high end, top quality dishes. The blender also features removable blades for easy cleaning and variable speed dial for maximum versatility.

Product features

  • Weight 1.4kg
  • The new bell design for even speedier performance. A powerful and ultra-quiet appliance
  • 100% stainless-steel tube, bell, motor unit and tools
  • Accurate and conveniently placed speed adjustment knob. Extendable coiled power cord for easier handling
  • The tube and tools can be detached for easy cleaning. Practical storage solution for both mixer and tools
  • Patented tool specially designed to produce instant light and airy emulsions that hold their shape
  • For making small portions of all your favourite soups and sauces

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