Robot Coupe Power Mixer - Stick Blender MP800 TURBO


Robot Coupe

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  • Size: Total Length: 1300mm-Tube

                     Length: 740mm

  • Product Detail: Total Weight: 9.2kg
  • Capacity: Pan Capacity- 400L


- Ergonomic handle for a better user experience.

- The lug on the motor housing can serve as a rest and pivot on the rim of a pan, making the power mixer easier to handle.

- Detachable Power Cord, patented 'Easy Plug' system making it easier to replace the power cord during after-sales servicing.

- Overmoulded blade to ensure perfect hygiene.

- Sharpening designed to give optimum speed and perfect quality of cut.

- New power cord winding system for tidy storage and optimum lifespan.

- Entirely dismountable foot and knife, for easy cleaning, perfect hygiene and easy maintenance.

- Stainless steel tube, bell and knife for a longer life (only on MP Ultra models).

POWER: 440 watts

VOLTAGE: Single Phase

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