Robot Coupe Vegetable Preparation Machine CL 60 2 Feed-Heads


Robot Coupe

New product


The Automatic feed-head combines an outstanding cut quality with high output.
This head is ideal for grated carrots and sliced or diced potatoes for example. It has been conceived for all types of cut with the exception of slicing of long products, processing fragile products or products that are too large for the feed hopper

New pusher feed head (area : 227 cm2) designed for large vegetables processing with a feed tube (Ø 58 mm) included for long or fragile vegetables processing.
The lever mounted on the feed-head has been designed
for ease of operation and minimum effort on the part of
the operator.

Heavy duty construction for intensive use.

Tilting of the heads in the line of the motor base to guarantee space saving design and greater user comfort.
Its compact size, the wheels and handle make the machine very easy to move.

  • Power    1500 Watts
  • Voltage    Three phase
  • Speed(s)    375 & 750 rpm
  • Operating time    600 kg/hour
  • Processing time    1800 kg/hour
  • Available discs    50

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